Due to restrictions from COVID-19 we will not be conducting tours at this time. If were looking to schedule a Dolphin tour please let us know when renting and we can guide you to a couple locations.


Here at Marina Mikes Boat Club we offer different tours and experiences that you can choose from like our Sunset tours or Dolphin tours.

Tour Price
Sunset Tour 29.95 Per Person
Boating Class on Water & Classroom 30.00 Per Person
Dolphin Encounter Tour 39.95 Per Person
Kids Under 12 20.00 Each

Dolphin Encounter Tours

At Marina Mikes we know were all the Dolphins play so that we can make sure that you see them. For two hours we will drive around and get some dolphins jumping right behind the boat for some beautiful pictures. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that you will see them but, we will be very surprised if there are not any to be seen.

*Laws on fish (including size, season, and limit) are enacted by the Government and are subject to change at anytime without notice. We have no control over these laws